Basic Programming Class

Digital Gardening: Intro to Creative Code

This class is a work in progress. I'm recruiting students who are interested in being beta-testers for the eventual class.

There are no prerequisites, although the class may be especially helpful for designers and artists.

The class fee will be much reduced for the early beta period, which may last up to a year or two.

The class will emphasize working in Javascript, without using any frameworks or external tools. I will cover basic programming concepts, as well as basic generative art concepts like building a simple relationship and then repeating it with variation.

By the end of the course, students should (ideally) be able to take my more advanced compute shader class.

Tentatively, I plan to cover L-Systems and potentially some agent-based simulation. The images below are potential topics (ants, Richard Dawkin's L-System).

or DM me any questions.

Thank you!

If you are interested, please apply here.